We will only accommodate 50pax during the Covid period.


The Mark Cruise is the largest two-story catamaran yacht in Cebu:)


The yacht itself is like a luxury and a dream that doesn't require explanation.


Because of Corona, The Management made promotion


so that it can be used by local people at a low cost.


Those who haven't tried it will experience the luxury


that they will never experience.


The yacht is anchored in front of the resort, and you can enjoy snorkeling, taking pictures,


and enjoy the best scenery. 


TAKE NOTE that the rate of Php1,250


[W/250 food consumable] per person is open


for  all who want to make reservations so as expected we allow joiners. 


*But the rate of Php750 per person for staying guest has no food consumable 


We don't have minimum pax to be on board but we have a minimum no of  30pax


so that we can give a SERVICE SAIL.









The 1 hr SAILING is only a SERVICE to our guest  under the premises


that the weather condition  is good ,


and with the minimum no. of 30 pax onboard  from 04:30pm-05:30pm. 


The sailing route is just the Mactan channel “From The Mark Resort to J-park and back.”



**"if you want to book exclusive use of yacht please send us


a message thru Facebook messenger or click down below the Reservation"