"Deeper and Bigger"

The Mark Aquarium swimmingpool.

Our scubadiving swimmingpool is the deepest pool in Cebu made with care and
the most sophisticated techniques and skills.

It allows the guests to look at Cebu's beautiful ocean when inside the swimmingpool.

It is managed with 6 motors to keep the water clean and clear.

During the swimmingpool use of hours, lifeguards are always there for you to keep safe and sound.

Anyone who checks in at THE MARK RESORT is free to use and

non-check in guests can reserved in advance to use the swimminpool.

There are also many activities such as scubadiving.

Scubadiving education is also availiable with professional Instructors upon reservation.


Information use and facilities



Hours of use







water quantity


Length x Width












In front of Family room


08:00 - 18:00



While staying in at Themark resort,

it is free of use





16m x 12m


1.5m / 4m



6 water pumps in operation to clean everyday



Lifeguard with license and

Emergency rescue kit is arranged




Safety rules

Patients with heart weakness, high blood pressure,

pneumonia,tuberculosis, alcohol, eye diseases,

legal infectious diseases and skin diseases are

prohibited from entering.



Diving students can only enter with persons with

Divemaster or above licenseFor your safety,

(Drinking, turmoil, Jumping etc) when not acting sensibly,

we may ask to leave the swimmingpool.


This is not Kid's pool.

Under 10 years old must enter with guardians







Compliance matters

Bringing food or drinks inside pool is prohibited.


Matters whch could contaminate the pool is prohibited

(oil, milk, sunblock etc)


After entering the ocean.

You must rinse with fresh water before entering the pool


Do not spit or blow your nose insdie the swimmingpool


Do not disturb other guests


Jumping is prohibited


Do not touch the aquarium glass

Before entering and after, rinse with fresh water